About Ortea Asia

ORTEA-ASIA is a joint-venture between Ortea SpA and Victron UPS with the aim to serve the market in S.E. Asia. Based in Bangkok, ORTEA-ASIA covers Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The joint-venture is focussed on commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects across the entire region.

ORTEA-ASIA combines the regional resources and expertise of Victron UPS and Ortea SpA manufacturing excellence with a strong product line in electro-mechanic and electronic stabilizers. Victron UPS will act as partner for all market activities, including marketing, sales and aftersales services.

This agreement represents each organization’s strong commitment to provide customers with a single point of contact for ORTEA products within the S.E. Asia territories. With factory trained engineers and spare-parts on- hand, Victron UPS is well positioned to provide sales support and maintenance services throughout the region.

Founded in 1969, ORTEA SpA is a leading company in manufacturing and engineering voltage stabilizers, magnetic components, and electrical equipment, since 2014, automatic power factor correction systems as well Over forty years in the business and ongoing technical research have made of ORTEA a competitive and technologically advanced Company. Close co-operation between design, production and marketing enables to meet the requirements of a constantly growing number of customers.

Beside standard production, ORTEA can be extremely flexible in developing and manufacturing special equipment according to User’s specification:
Voltage Stabilizers : 0.3 – 6000 kVA
Transformers : 5 – 3150 kVA
Power Factor Correction : 25 – 1000 kvar
All this thanks to the experience gained over many years of applied technological development. Such development includes IT tools that enable the technical staff to elaborate electrical and mechanical designs for each “custom product” on a quick and cost-effective basis. ORTEA service organization is able to react quickly by analyzing the issue and providing for knowledge and spares to solve any anomaly. Training and updating sessions for customers and business partners regularly held at Ortea Headquarters.

About Victron UPS
Founded in 1990 in Bangkok, Thailand and since grown to be a leading supplier of power quality systems. Our primary products are ORTEA stabilizers, GE (General Electric) Critical Power (UPS) and TECNED Industrial Power systems. A base of 6000 installations makes Victron UPS a major supplier in the power quality market. With highly reliable products and 24 * 7 services, we are well positioned to support the most critical applications throughout the S.E Asia region.