The customer is a textile company in Bogota, Colombia. Due to unpredictable and random voltage SAGs the company has frequent problems in production lines and relatives costs: • Costs for raw materials lost • Costs for work not done or gone anyway lost • Costs for damage and/or malfunction of machinery In this cases voltage SAGs are caused by faults in the public network. The local utility, through the support of SICE Ltda Power Quality Consultant, analyzed problems and possible solutions to avoid the damages of voltage SAGs for the textile company. They need to cover SAGs up to -50% of rated voltage, for a duration of few milliseconds.

Power Quality Consultant has chosen Ortea solution for voltage SAGs instead of On Line UPS, indeed the latter is more expensive as product and as for maintenance. Moreover, the customer could not create any air conditioned room for UPS. Supplied solution: OXYGEN | SAG compensator, 320kVA, 460V, 60Hz To date, the machine is carrying a maximum load of 187A (load of 148.81kVA), meaning that the equipment is operating at a capacity of 46.5% of its nominal capacity of 320kVA.

Example of a single-phase voltage SAG and OXYGEN action:
SAG depth: -65,48% of rated voltage
Duration: 0,133 seconds
Rated Voltage: 460V
Frequency: 60Hz
Values monitored during voltage sag:


Min Voltage during event

Max Voltage during event

L1-N Input Oxygen 268.4V 269.1V
L2-N Input Oxygen 91.8V 264.3V
L3-N Input Oxygen 268.7V 269.2V
L1-L2 Input Oxygen 312.1V 466.6V
L2-L3 Input Oxygen 315.8V 466.9V
L3-L1 Input Oxygen 464.2V 465.9V
L1-N Output Oxygen 261.66V 267.47V
L2-N Output Oxygen 264.45V 268.07V
L3-N Output Oxygen 263.67V